Mailovity Suppression list

About our Suppression list

We recommend you not to simply flag messages from our customers as spam just because you don't want to see them in your inbox anymore. Instead, the best solution is to properly unsubscribe from the list(s) concerned. That way, you will really put a permanent end to the unwanted mail. If you don't want to receive messages from all mailovity's custmers please fill the form above with your email address and you'll receive a verification link (don’t forget if you can’t click the link, you can copy and paste it into your web browser)

We are very sorry to hear about the inconveniences you might have faced

Note: Mailovity does provide marketing services for a wide range of organizations, using publicly available data and other permission-based information that customers have agreed to share , by removing your email This will block emails that you do want to receive from ALL companies or websites that use our services.